Sustainability, Contracting, Cocktails, and DEI are Topics in the Top 10 Episodes of 2022

Whether in podcast episodes, blog posts, speaking, or consulting, my main focus and niche is how to promote safe, sustainable, and inclusive food and beverage experiences. Some might ask, what does that mean?

Each of these words has its own meaning (Merriam-Webster):

  • Safe — free from harm or risk
  • Sustainable — a method of harvesting or using a resource so that the resource is not depleted or permanently damaged
  • Inclusive — including everyone

This year on the Eating at a Meeting podcast I asked my 80 guests who work in, promote, and eat food and beverage what those words mean to them. Their answers fascinate me because they are similar yet different. They are also intriguing, inspiring, and telling.

Some of the many words used in their responses that caught my attention are:

REACHABLE, authentic, accessible, VALUES, training, curated, IMPACT, safe,
compliance, AFFORDABLE, genuine, CARING, wholesome, preparedness,
NUTRITIOUS, transparency, hospitality, OPPORTUNITY, honoring,
quality, WELCOMING, surprise, DELIGHT


If you watched or participated in the 67 LIVE Eating at a Meeting segments (Wednesdays at 12 PM Eastern) or downloaded the latest podcast episode (every Tuesday) on your favorite platform, you heard how they answered it.

What words would YOU use to describe a safe, sustainable, inclusive food and beverage experience?

If you missed any of the 67 episodes, no worries. I’ve listed below the Top 10 downloaded episodes for 2022. And, below those are another 10 episodes I think are worth listening to as well.

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Yes, there is a lot to listen 🎧 to (55+ hours in just 2022), but there is also SO much to learn about how and why we must create safe, sustainable, and inclusive dining experiences. You do NOT need to work in food and beverage to want to do it or, in my opinion, should do it.

If you eat🍴with or feed others at any time of your life, professionally or personally, ensuring that the other person(s) can get to the meal safely, eat something that will not harm or offend them, and that you each clean your plate, save it for leftovers or donate it, you are creating a safe, sustainable, and inclusive experience.

Thank you for reading, watching, and listening.

I hope that you had a thriving 2022 (I did because of you) and hope you enjoy the remainder of it feeling loved, happy, safe and well-fed.

Stay warm and eat well,




P.S. The 2023 LIVE broadcast season kicks off next Wednesday:

January 4 — Derek Brown, author of “Mindful Mixology.”
January 11 — Lauren Chitwood, CEO of Spiritless
January 18 — Attorney Joshua Grimes on contracting F&B in 2023

Top 10 EAAM Episodes of 2022

(click the episode # or image to listen to the specific episodes)

close up of Smiling woman wearing glasses in a restaurant. Her left hand is resting on her left cheek
Episode #114

Event Food & Beverage Contracts

Meetings industry veteran Joan Eisenstodt chats about new hotel food and beverage contract clauses and things to consider when choosing a property for your next event.

close-up of woman with long blonde hair
Episode #137

Alpha Gal Syndrome (AGS) – “Meat Allergy”

Amanda Warren chatted with Tracy during Food Allergy Awareness Week about her AGS diagnosis and the priorities she thinks have the greatest impact on living with it.

Smiling woman wearing glasses and holding a cocktail in each hand
Episode #113

Ringing in the New Year with Beverages for Everyone

Get cocktail basics from Mixologist Erin R. Petrey. How cocktails are made, why they are made the way they are, and the history behind what’s in the glass.

Smiling woman with long brown hair wearing a black top. She provides a A Different Perspective of Eating at a Meeting
Episode #112

A Different Perspective of Eating at a Meeting

Becky Kekula shares what an equitable and inclusive dining experience means to her and others with dwarfism.

Smiling woman in a black top leaning against a wall. She is owner of Savvy Food Safety
Episode #111

How to be Savvy with Food Safety at Events

Food safety expert Francine Shaw shares why basic food safety should be important to everyone and what are the most typic food safety violations.

smiling woman with long black hair wearing a pink blouse with flowers on it. She is standing in front of a window. Monica Watrous talks about innovation in food and beverage industry
Episode #155

Food Trends, Emerging Brands & Disruptive Innovation

Monica Watrous, of Food Business News shares the top food and beverage trends in 2022 and emerging brands to catch.

Episode #152

Farm to Fire — Farm to Table Catering Using Open Fire Cooking

Caterer and chef Brandon Snook shares the art and importance of open-fire cooking, land stewardship, and the state of catering.

Two men in white shirts and suit jackets standing in front of a grey shelf with mallards
Episode #153

The Latest in Hotel Food & Beverage Trends

Larry and Adam Mogelonsky of Hotel Mogel Consulting share trends for hotel food and beverage, how onsite F&B operations are adjusting to consumer demands, and how to enhance the guest experience.

close-up selfie of smiling woman standing in front of a sign on a wall - CL22 PCMA
Episode #118

Live from PCMA Convening Leaders – What’s on the Menu

Tracy shares what she saw and heard about food and beverage presented and served — labeling, selections, design — at the 2022 PCMA Convening Leaders convention held in Las Vegas.

Woman pointing to the message written on her left arm.
Episode #133

Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion: How does it Relate to Event Catering?

How does equity, diversity, and inclusion relate to event catering? Listen in as Zoe (pronounced ZOH) Moore share how event profs and DEI professionals can and should incorporate food and beverage into DEI programming.


Episode #120: Creating Meaningful Experiences with Produce

Episode #123: Amplifying Black Culinarians

Episode #130: Creating Plant-based Affairs to Remember

Episode #139: Psycho-Social Impact of Food Allergies

Episode #142: Texas Food & Beverage as Eaten by Chet Garner

Episode #149: Embedding Sustainability into the Event Planning Process

Episode #158: Finding Herself on the Personal Side of the Dietary Needs Registration Question

Episode #160: Catering…What the $@?^%

Episode #163: The Importance of Indigenous Food Traditions

Episode #169: Climate Change, Sustainability & Events


As of December 28, 2022, 170 episodes of Eating at Meeting are available for you to listen, learn, and share. In each episode Tracy chats with an expert about some facet of food and beverage to encourage and support safe, sustainable, and inclusive dining experiences.

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