Hospitality Provider

The hospitality industry is impacted by dietary needs in many ways. thrive! understands the struggles you are working through, from managing rising food costs, food and beverage budgets, incorporating dietary needs into menus, being equipped to eliminate food risks, and consistently meeting service expectations. I want to help you solve these intricate problems to achieve personal, corporate, and professional success.

Looking for a speaker to awaken, encourage, and educate your audience? If you’re hosting a keynote, continuing education, or a lunch-n-learn for your conference or your office, Tracy will take your attendees on a journey of purpose and passion to create safe, caring, and inclusive events, workplaces, and dining experiences for all.

A well-trained workforce cannot only save your business time and money, it can also reduce risk, increase profitability and enhance your brand. Therefore, ensuring that every member of your FOH and BOH team — chef, line cooks, wait staff, sales, F&B director, banquet captains, procurement and expediters — receives solid and ongoing training on dietary needs is imperative to remain outstanding in the highly competitive hospitality industry. It is also crucial that you work with professional and respected trainers. As a hospitality provider, our training will lead you to create food and beverage experiences where every guest counts, and every meal matters.

Our consulting solutions are here for you. Whether it’s a food and beverage audit to review your strengths and weaknesses in you processes and procedures, a helping hand with more information on how to accommodate employees with dietary restrictions, we’re here for you. Ultimately, we want to assist you in creating a sustainable workplace culture of safety, care, and inclusion.

Designing menus can be nerve-racking, especially with the vast array of food preferences, intolerances, and allergy requests from guests. Your elaborate assembly-line operation devised to deliver hundreds, even thousands of plates within a short time frame can be muddled with these special requests. thrive!’s Culinary Concierge solutions are here to assist you and your team with an intentional approach to F&B menu design and service that demystifies and destigmatizes dietary needs while allowing you to provide for your attendees. Are you ready to revolutionize your entire approach to handling dietary needs with practical solution-oriented techniques? If so, thrive!’s Culinary Concierge solutions are here for you.