augustweggen; Independence Day

Around the World in 8 Independence Days

Freedom. Festivities. Food. Three key ingredients to making any Independence Day a success. Go anywhere in the U.S. on the Fourth of July and you would be hard pressed to find a square mile that wasn’t decked out in red, white, and blue or didn’t smell faintly of grilled burgers and hot dogs. Grilled meats are almost a rite of passage on the holiday and it begs the question, if you didn’t eat something special to celebrate did you even celebrate at all? Most places outside of the U.S. would answer no. Food is an integral part of any celebration…

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Brazil Eventos & Transparency

As an international speaker and Food & Beverage expert, I’ve found at least one universal truth – allergies are present in all countries and, therefore, a place must be set at the table for attendee safety and trust. I speak on a number of topics when I travel, including legislation and legality of meetings, efficient food and beverage budgeting, custom eater menu planning, and more. Next week I’ll be in Brazil discussing important food trends from around the world and how to seamlessly incorporate these exciting trends into your meetings and events for an experience your attendees will devour. I’ve…

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The Danube River

Adventures in Budapest

Earlier this month, after speaking at the MPI European Meetings & Events Congress in Krakow, Poland, I took the opportunity to visit Budapest, Hungary. Wow! I fell in love from the moment I saw the view above.  Taken from atop Gellért Hill, which was named after bishop Gellért who was thrown to death from the hill by pagans in the fight against Christianity, my guide Peter Gömöri, director of Welcome Touristic Budapest, said he wanted to give me the best panoramic view and of the city before we started touring the city. The Hill, along with the Banks of the Danube area, has been listed as…

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