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Creating Safe & Inclusive Food & Beverage Events

Tracy Stuckrath speaks to audiences across the globe on how and why to create safe, sustainable and inclusive food and beverage events. Watch and listen to some of the presentations and conversations below.

F&B 101: Managing Attendee Food Preferences and Dietary Requirements from A to Z
F&B 101: Managing Attendee Food Preferences and Dietary Requirements From A to Z

Meetings Today Webinar Series

This 60-minute video looks at the A to Z terms that relate to the successful management of attendees’ food preferences and dietary requirements. In this interactive webinar, say your ABCs to gain knowledge and learn approaches to help create safe, delicious and inclusive events for all.

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Setting the Table for a Shift in Event F&B Service

MeetingsNet Webinar-on-Demand

This video takes a relatively early look at food service and event professionals are rethinking event food and beverage service in light of the COVID19 pandemic..

  • Define duty of care as it applies to food safety and COVID-19
  • Learn the questions you should be asking about food safety for the front and back of the house
  • Learn how social distancing will impact F&B service

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Food and Beverage: How Will it Change Post Covid-19?

Exhibitor Magazine Webinar Series

In this 45-minute video, Tracy shares how COVID-19 has thrown food and beverage service into the kitchen stand mixer. What will come out of the mixer, no one truly knows. What we can be sure of is that food safety will be the centerpiece, high on the platter. Tracy Stuckrath explores what event organizers need to know..

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Webinar Talk Show video link and promotion
Eating at Meetings

Webinar Talk Show Podcast Virtual Event Emcees Eliz Greene and Thom Singer welcome Tracy Stuckrath to talk about “Eating at Meetings”. Tracy is an expert on food allergies, preferences, and how to be inclusive when hosting an event.

This matters even now, in the days of hybrid and virtual events, as many organizations are sending food to attendees, but what can they eat, and what allergies might their family have? If you do not know, you need to know.

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Miracle Workers Podcast
EP 13: Think Inside the Box. F&B after Covid-19

Miracle Workers: A Podcast for Meeting Planners by Meeting Planners

Are you hungry for F&B news? Are buffets dead? Can we make boxed meals fun? This week Amanda and Darryl talk with food allergy expert and certified meetings manager, Tracy Stuckrath about how Food and Beverage service will look in a post-Covid world..

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Food Bullying Podcast Episode 46 Food Allergies and Food Bullying video
Food Allergies and Food Bullying

Food Bullying Podcast

Did you know that people can use food to threaten others? When it comes to food allergies, food CAN kill! Our guest in this episode has great advice on how to truly welcome everyone to your table AND avoid killing someone (or making them sick) with the food you serve.

Tracy Stuckrath is a food allergy and inclusivity expert who wants to ensure no one is offended or hurt with the food they are served by others.

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ABC letters cut out of vegetables video series
The ABC’s of Managing Food Allergies at Events

26 one-minute video series

These 26 one-minute videos covers everything from A to Z on successfully providing for attendees, guests and employees with food allergies..

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