Food Safety

An iPad and iPhone on a table. On the iPad is a picture of two men who are on video screen. On the iPhone is the Eating at a Meeting podcast logo with Episode #156 Event Safety: How it Relates to Food & Beverage with Alan Kleinfeld

Episode #156: Event Safety: How it Relates to Food & Beverage

Tracy chats with event safety expert Alan Kleinfeld on #EatingAtAMeeting LIVE to learn how planners can be prepared for medical emergencies? What information can planners ask guests to provide them about any medical conditions? What falls under GDPR/HIPAA?

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Large Super Food Selection looking down on it; Purpose driven food for attendees

Purpose-Driven Food & Beverage Is On-Trend for Events

Sustainability, supply-chain issues, inclusion, community, wellness and staffing are all on the plate for attendees.   The right food-and-beverage program for your event requires more than just ordering off a standard catering menu. And to “meet safe” when eating at a meeting means much more than asking about social-distancing options, staff masking and a property’s health-inspection score. Don’t get me wrong, those details are extremely important. Be sure to refer to these two checklists, “A Food-Safety Management Plan Is Essential for Your Event” and “A New World for Food-and-Beverage Events” to help you ask the right questions during your planning.…

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