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thrive! inspires and equips you to effectively meet the dietary needs of your guests, clients, and employees. As an event organizer, hospitality provider, or an employer, food and beverage environments are often created to provide successful experiences of celebration, collaboration, community, education, engagement, and nutrition. Food allergies and intolerances, religious and medically-necessary dietary restrictions, and dietary lifestyle preferences can create obstacles for both you and the guest. thrive! is passionate in assisting you to create safe and inclusive food experiences. Every Guest Matters. Every Meal Matters.

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Our goal is to partner with you to provide safe, exceptional food and beverage experiences to individuals with dietary restrictions.

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Food & Beverage Consultants

We speak and train on how to serve safe, healthy & inclusive food and beverage at events and work.

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  • Event Organizer

    You’re wearing multiple hats and pulling every detail into place to execute an amazing event.

  • Hospitality Provider

    You’re known as the caregiver to food and beverage experiences. From food selection, creation, preparation, provision, and guest services, you’re behind it all.

  • Workplaces

    Workplaces are constantly challenged to sustain an inclusive, caring culture for employees. Food is an important ingredient.

Founded in 2010

thrive! has spoken to and trained

more than 160 organizations in 13 countries on five continents.

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Woman in a white tank top pushing away a bowl of nuts being handed to her...she is fighting for right to eat free-from
Fighting for What’s Right

Like so many who fight for the rights of those with food allergies and food-related disease, Mary C. Vargas found her calling when her youngest son was diagnosed with food allergies and celiac disease. Unlike most of us, Mary also is a founding partner with Stein & Vargas LLP, a civil rights law firm committed to the principle that all people have full and equal access to all parts of American society.

Food Safety in the COVID Era

Professor and food safety expert Ben Chapman tackles the tough topic of how to keep meeting participants safe from COVID contagion, from buffets to food festivals.

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