LIVE from PCMA Convening Leaders – What’s on the Menu

Eating at a Meeting Podcast Episode #118

A raised buffet table filled with 8 different types of colorful desserts at PCMA Convening Leaders 2022 The Food & Beverage Experience at PCMA Convening Leaders 2022

Tracy broadcasts Eating at a Meeting LIVE from Las Vegas on the final day of the Professional Convention Management Association (PCMA) Convening Leaders annual convention. In the episode, she reports on what she saw and heard about food and beverage at the convention, around Las Vegas, and through the convention partners that showcased their cities.

In the video, Tracy shares images of and discusses:

  • Food Presentation — the creative presentations and design of the buffets and plated meals
  • Food Labeling — what was labeled, what wasn’t and how it was done
  • Room Sets — what types were used throughout the event
  • Ancillary Events — from the Lip Smacking Foodie tour to the sponsored events

During the video, she answers questions directly from people listening to the show who were not at the convention.

Download the slides Tracy shared in the video.

a plate of food from above. Four different tapas styled food.
The vegan and gluten-free plate served during Lip Smacking Food Tour


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