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Do you have a story of a good or bad experience as it relates to you or someone you know eating at an event with a dietary need or other disability?


Eating at meetings and events, in the company cafeteria, or at a business dinner can be hard when you have a dietary need or other physical disability — the server bring you scallops when you told them you were vegan, you had an allergic reaction because of a hidden ingredient in the dish, there was nothing for you to eat except a bowl of fruit.

It can also be hard to feed guests who have food allergies, celiac disease or diabetes, follow a religious dietary practice or lifestyle preference.

It can also be an amazing experience — hotel servers answered your questions about they food were serving, there were delicious gluten-free and vegan options, the meeting organizer and/or chef called you in advance to discuss your needs.

Whether you’re an eater with dietary or physical needs, an event organizer who struggles to meet the dietary needs of your attendees, or a food service provider who is responsible for feeding hundreds and thousands of people a day, we want to hear your stories — good and bad — so others can learn from them.

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