An iPad and iPhone on a table. On the iPad is a picture of two men who are on video screen. On the iPhone is the Eating at a Meeting podcast logo with Episode #156 Event Safety: How it Relates to Food & Beverage with Alan Kleinfeld

Episode #156: Event Safety: How it Relates to Food & Beverage

Tracy chats with event safety expert Alan Kleinfeld on #EatingAtAMeeting LIVE to learn how planners can be prepared for medical emergencies? What information can planners ask guests to provide them about any medical conditions? What falls under GDPR/HIPAA?

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Blueberry raspberry parfaits in mason jars still life against wood

Perfecting the Parfaits

Parfaits are delicious, but with all the dairy and refined sugar, they aren’t always the healthiest dessert option. But with a few substitutions, they can be.   If you were wondering if there is, in fact, a day for everything, Monday, November 25 should be proof positive that you’re right. Yes, Nov. 25 is National Parfait Day, and who would deny that the many-layered staple of group dining options — from airport grab-and-goes to conference buffets — is worthy of having its own day. It can be scrumptious; after all, the name literally is French for “perfect.” What’s not quite…

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The Newest Food Trends to Expect in 2019

2019 is an exciting year to work in the food industry. There is a lot of development in new food and drink ideas, incorporating previously unheard of ingredients into dishes. The following are just a few of the projected food trends for 2019. Clean Meat Meat has been a major topic of discussion in 2018, and many food providers are changing their offerings and tweaking the concept of “meat.” Plant-based alternatives such as the trendy Impossible Burger are one way that clean meats are changing the industry. Lab-grown meats, also known as cultured meats, are also starting to gain recognition.…

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Welcome These Food Trends

Welcome These Food Trends: 2018 Rising Stars, Part Five

Earlier, I pointed out three icons that aren’t going away, but are certainly in decline. If you missed it, be sure to check it out, “Say Farewell to These Food Trends 2018.” This installment is about the rise to stardom we will see from the three favorites that have been waiting in the wings. They have been around, but there were some clear indicators in 2017 that these three are about to make it into everything – including our event menus. Welcome these food trends in 2018. Welcome These Food Trends These have been around, but this year we saw…

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Say farewell to these food trends

Say Farewell to These Food Trends 2018, Part Four

There are so many different food trends we could talk about, but this is an installment about the rise and fall of some steadfast favorites. We may be glad to see some of these finally level off. The others may take some creativity to implement, but that’s our job, right? Say farewell to these food trends in 2018 – or at least make sure you don’t center a menu around one of them as a them.  Say Farewell to These Food Trends These items became iconic for a reason. They’re delicious and satisfy cravings, or they satisfy other needs like…

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