Eating at a Meeting Podcast

Exploring how food and beverage (F&B) impacts individual experience, inclusion, sustainability, culture, community, health and wellness, laws and more.

In each Eating at a Meeting episode Tracy chats with experts in all facets of food and beverage on how to create safe and inclusive food and beverage experiences through their respective lens. By sharing authentic stories that illustrate the financial, social, emotional, and mental impact food and beverage can have on individuals, organizations, and the earth, we can all gain new perspectives on the vitality of food and beverage and  learn how to better navigate dietary needs, palates, plates at meetings and events, food in the workplace and communities, and across the earth.


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The Eating at a Meeting Facebook group share more information on the podcast episodes and organizing safe and inclusive food and beverage events.

Latest Episodes

Jim's company, Meeting U., has provided practical technology training for over 20 years. He spends his "free" time volunteering for organizations that help fight hunger as well as helping people understand the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle.

Chef Kristina Stanley, a member of the Red Cliff Lake Superior Chippewa, honors her indigenous heritage by creating, selling and promoting the use of food that features indigenous ingredients and tribally-sourced products to produce healthy meals.

In this episode of Eating at a Meeting for Women’s History Month, Tanya Gurrieri, founder of Salthouse Catering in Charleston, SC talks with Tracy about how there is no compromising when it comes to food safety or quality no matter where we are executing an event or for whom.

Keitra Bates is on a mission to preserve and promote culinary culture and empower economic inclusion, business development and growth opportunities through Marddy's, the food incubator that provides local food entrepreneurs who are people of color, women and other marginalized populations a licensed facility for cooks to prepare and distribute…

After 20 years owning and running her own farm-to-table restaurants in Sonoma County, Duskie Estes is now running Farm to Pantry, taking her dedication to sourcing food ethically and advocating for small farmers to fighting food insecurity by distributing nutrient-rich foods to those in need.

Learn how a A farmer, two farm to school program educators, and a chef have committed themselves to combat this issue by creating meaningful, turn-key resources that are accessible, impactful and fun! The Small Bites Adventure Club makes it easy for grown-ups to introduce fruits and veggies to kids, and…

Mona Esposito, aka "The Grain Lady," is an activist and advocate of restoring heritage grains to Colorado. She is a resource for all things grain, in the field and in the kitchen through the Noble Grain Alliance she co-founded in 2016 and The Colorado Grain Chain.

Tiffanie Barriere, aka "The Drinking Coach" is a bartender who is making HERstory by providing history lessons with every cocktail she serves. Her main goal is education, service, and fun with every pour.

From first selling sausage for a local 4th of July Festival in 1990, Loree Mulay Weisman is proud to run the 31 year old food company that sells all products that are clean, paleo-friendly, gluten-free, and top 8 allergen free. Learn how this woman is making HERstory.

Caroline McCann is assisting communities across southern Africa to develop local food economies; Giving Others the Basic Skills to Grow. Learn more about her for Women's History Month.