Eating at a Meeting Podcast

Exploring how food and beverage (F&B) impacts individual experience, inclusion, sustainability, culture, community, health and wellness, laws and more.

In each Eating at a Meeting episode Tracy chats with experts in all facets of food and beverage on how and why to create safe, sustainable, and inclusive food and beverage experiences through their respective lens. By sharing authentic stories that illustrate the financial, social, emotional, and mental impact food and beverage can have on individuals, organizations, and the earth, we can all gain new perspectives on the importance and vitality of food and beverage and learn how to better navigate dietary needs, palates, plates at meetings and events, food in the workplace and communities, and across the globe.


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Latest Episodes

In this milestone event — Holy Moly! 200 episodes — 17 previous Eating at a Meeting guests have a dynamic discussion on the current state of food and beverage in creating safe, sustainable, and inclusive dining experiences for all.

Empowering women in hospitality through education and networking. Randi Weinstein's FAB helps women in the hospitality industry succeed.

Kayla King, Founder & CEO of MyMeal, talks with Tracy about the challenges of eating out with food allergies and celiac disease and about the app she created to help people with food restrictions find safe restaurant meals.

Learn about heart health in Eating At A Meeting's episode featuring a 2x heart attack survivor. Take care of your heart to love yourself.

Victoria Zapata of Food Rescue US shares how YOU can BE the rescue to fight hunger and help the planet. It is easier than you might think.

Andrew Hartley of CBRE Hotels Advisory shares what he's seeing in the trends for U.S. hotel food and beverage departments.

Lauren Chitwood, CEO & co-founder, Spiritless talks about how she started a non-alcoholic beverage company for drinkers and non-drinkers.

Derek Brown discusses what a sophisticated adult beverage actually is and how and why should make room for non-alcoholic adult beverages.

The Two Alpha Gals — Candice Mathis and Debbie Nichols — are on a mission to help others live fully with Alpha-Gal Syndrome, otherwise known as the meat allergy.

Registered Dietician and Certified Diabetes Educator Julie Cunningham shares the main message she hopes people understand through her book "30 Days to Tame Type 2 Diabetes," and how to help event attendees with diabetes — how about everyone — enjoy a meal without feeling deprived or worried.