At its core, the workplace is an employee’s home away from home. I have personally experienced the role food has in impacting an employee’s well-being and productivity in the workplace. Let’s work together to turn workplace food experiences into opportunities for engagement and care for every employee throughout the hiring process, employee on-boarding, company cafeterias, luncheons, company parties, and events.

Our speaking solutions are meant to challenge and encourage you as an employer as you strive to give the best to your employees. In our speaking engagements, thrive! gives you the tools to provide safe and inclusive food choices for your employees at their workplace. No matter if you’re looking to change up the way food is served on site or if you’re wanting to provide for your employees equally, thrive!’s speaking solutions will lead you down the right path of inclusivity and safety!

thrive!’s training solutions hand you the skills needed to understand your employee’s dietary needs and to create a workplace culture that promotes employee well being. thrive!’s training solutions are created to provide you and your team with skills to understand various dietary needs including those that are medically-necessary, food allergies, and religious practices, and lifestyle dietary choices. Additionally, we work alongside you to teach valuable processes in achieving a diverse, caring, inclusive workplace culture.

Designing menus can be nerve-racking, especially with the vast array of food preferences, intolerances, and allergy requests from guests. Your elaborate assembly-line operation devised to deliver hundreds, even thousands of plates within a short time frame can be muddled with these special requests. thrive!’s Culinary Concierge solutions are here to assist you and your team with an intentional approach to F&B menu design and service that demystifies and destigmatizes dietary needs while allowing you to provide for your attendees. Are you ready to revolutionize your entire approach to handling dietary needs with practical solution-oriented techniques? If so, thrive!’s Culinary Concierge solutions are here for you.