There are so many different food trends we could talk about, but this is an installment about the rise and fall of some steadfast favorites. We may be glad to see some of these finally level off. The others may take some creativity to implement, but that’s our job, right? Say farewell to these food trends in 2018 – or at least make sure you don’t center a menu around one of them as a them. 

Say Farewell to These Food Trends

These items became iconic for a reason. They’re delicious and satisfy cravings, or they satisfy other needs like the trend toward nutritionally sound habits. Even though these choices are still delicious and the love for them will never die, people also need variety. So, we’ll still see these favorites on menus, but they’ll be leveling off as we make room for shiny new interests. With a hardy handshake, say farewell to these food trends in 2018:

Say farewell food trendsBacon

Yes, bacon. If the love we have for bacon didn’t die during the fear-based misunderstandings of the “swine-flu” epidemic, nothing can make this fan favorite go away. There are entire restaurants with menus centered around bacon. We are still seeing new bacon-centered businesses popping up, from whiskey and bacon pubs to the continued growth of varied bacon cuts and flavors; from bacon clubs for gourmets to bacon brewed beers, celebratory bacon 5ks, and bacon plush toys. It even briefly tried to enter a few markets that were daring for seared meats like bacon lubricants, lotions, candles, and chapsticks. These are short-lived, but remain an impressive yardstick of its iconic mainstay position. So, don’t worry. It’s safe. However, it is in decline and making room for new fascinating features that will consume consumer’s attention.

Pumpkin Spice

Rarely do we see a simple flavor with such a long-time, sustained controversy. Popular culture had the public discourse talking about “basic white girls” and the “pumpkin spice” cult. This year, people publicly defended their choices with committed tweets and Instagrams about their favorite Fall fix. Similar to vanilla, it crossed barriers bacon never really successfully transitioned into such as, candles, bath fragrances, skincare themes, and color palettes for makeup and home decor, alike. As this staple fades, we can’t know what will take the spotlight. Perhaps caramel, a flavor with its own ebb and flow, will have a chance to rise again.

Say farewell food trendsCoconut Everything

Well, this is one food trend in decline that I can get on board with. Coconut is useful for cooking and I’ll agree that the coconut water variations may have merit. However, coconut is comedogenic, so the trend to use it as a moisturizer is an example of a fully trend-fueled fantasy. I welcome the coconut fruit to remain a steadfast ingredient in boozy drinks, scent formulas, and tropical vacation visuals. But to the “coconut fixes everything” mentality, I bid a fond farewell. Let’s give it a wide berth at events and in menus to make room for some other, more interesting and better understood fads.

Those are the top iconic food trends we are finally seeing go into the downward shift of the inevitable product life cycle. I doubt these will disappear, but let’s pay attention to the slow acceptance of public opinion that we can can indeed discover new tipping points and bring new interest to the list of ‘ever-present’ and ‘can’t lose with this one’ ingredient lists.

Next week I’ll share the top three ‘up and comers’ to the limelight.

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