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Definitely NOT the Same old F&B Presentation

I wanted to thank you for presenting “Chew On This” to the Eastern Great Lakes chapter of Meeting Professionals International on October 18th, 2012. The feedback we have already received from those in attendance has exceeded our expectations. The content is extremely relevant and this was definitely NOT the same old F&B presentation. Your ability to connect with our attendees through story-telling and your enthusiasm about working with the New York Wine and Culinary Center staff went a long way to ensuring that all stakeholder objectives were met. Not only are you well versed in the topic, you’re passionate about…

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Welcome to Thrive! Meetings & Events

What does your event say about you?

It’s not just who’s attending your event, it’s how you plan it and what you’re serving.
Does it seem like organizing an event is harder than ever these days with shorter turnaround times, shrinking budgets and managing guests with allergies to dairy, shellfish, wheat, or even sugar? Gone are the days of booking months out, unlimited budgets and one-size-fits-all meals.

Now you have to think about doing more with less and feeding vegetarians, pescatarians and Rastafarians! Okay, maybe not Rastafarians. But the fact is, event planning—including food & beverage—is more complicated today than ever before.

Relax. Take a breath. Thrive! has been doing this for years and can show you the path to creating successful and memorable events that not only meet business objectives; we also have a special focus on providing cost-effective, healthy and delicious menus that account for every possible dietary need out there.

Keep reading to learn more about what we do and how we do it—everything you need to know about this specialized field is here.

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Watermelon, honeydew and canteloupe wedges and halves on wooden table pollen allergies

Taming Pollen Allergies with Diet

If you have pollen allergies, you may not be aware that some foods might trigger your symptoms. In fact, up to 70% of the more than 60 million American nasal allergy sufferers experience cross-reactions after eating certain foods. In most instances, it’s fresh fruit, certain seeds and nuts, and raw, uncooked vegetables that cause the reactions.

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International Association of Culinary Professionals

International Culinary Professionals Conference

I’ve been in New York City all weekend for the International Association of Culinary Professionals (IACP) annual conference, “The Fashion of Food.” More on that later. Today, after the IACP Book Fair today, I was on my way back the hotel when I spotted one of the authors trying to hail a cab. I was already in a cab, so I rolled down the window to ask if he wanted to share a ride. Granted, I did not officially know him, but I knew he was with IACP, so I figured I was safe. And, boy was I safe. The gentleman…

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August 15, 2012: Exhibitor FastTrak

If you missed Tracy Stuckrath’s presentation “I Can’t Eat That! How to How to Incorporate Special Dietary Needs into F&B Plans” at Exhibitor 2012 in Las Vegas, check out the Exhibitor FastTrak Chicago session August 14-16. Tracy will be following up her March 8 presentation exploring: Who is making these requests and why are they increasing Different dietary needs, from food allergies and intolerances to medical conditions and personal preference Legal reasons to be concerned about meeting these needs When do these “pesky” attendees positively impact your business Managing costs

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A MEGA Enlightening Weekend

I’m in sunny Southern California this weekend to attend the Integrative Nutritions MEGA Conference. A 2009 graduate of the program, I’ll be connecting with about 5,000 other health coaches/healthy eating champions who are also IIN graduates. As with all the my classes in New York, the energy in the room will be crazy fun and empowering. One of the best parts of the IIN comprehensive nutrition practicum is that it provides perspective. Eating is an individual thing—not one diet is good for everyone. The line-up of speakers this weekend validates that by providing us experts on eating and food: Mark Sisson {primal and…

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