Focus on What you CAN CONTROL with Event Food & Beverage and Attendee’s Dietary Needs

Eating at a Meeting Podcast Episode 65

Woman with long brown hair pointing at words on the screenEating at a Meeting can be challenging for attendee’s with food allergies and other dietary needs. We are relying on someone else to order, prepare and serve us food and beverage. In this episode, which is published on Global Meetings Industry Day, Tracy goes through six ways attendees with dietary needs, meeting professionals and caterers can control about the food and beverage being served to create safe and inclusive dining experiences.

The six tips were prompted by Allie Bahn’s Miss Allergic Reactor Instagram story and blog post about traveling the world with food allergies.

Annually, April 8 is Global Meetings Industry Day which celebrates, educates and advocates for the value of hosting meetings. The 2021 theme is MeetSafe. How can we provide safe meeting experiences for everyone as we come out of the COVID-19 pandemic. Listen in to see how Tracy turns Allie’s six tips into ways event planners, caterers and organizations can provide safer and more inclusive food and beverage experiences by understanding how those with dietary needs can feel safer.

  1. I CAN control what I KNOW — What do you know about the food being served?
  2. I CAN control what I EAT — How can you help attendees know what they are eating?
  3. I CAN control what I SAY — What do you, your staff, servers say to guests who share they have dietary needs?
  4. I CAN control how I ACT  How do you, your staff, chefs, servers act when preparing and serving food?
  5. I CAN control how I REACT When someone shares they have a dietary need, how do you react — roll your eyes, get frustrated?
  6. I CAN control where I GO  If event menus aren’t inclusive experiences, attendees can decide not to attend the event. If a caterer cannot provide options, select another one?

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