Welcome to July! We’re more than halfway through 2016. Can you believe it?

July is known for some pretty popular all-American menus. The fourth of July may mean barbeques and apple pie, but there is s much more that July has to offer. The Thrive! celebrations will include many special days this month, but the July themes of choice are National Culinary Arts Month, National Blueberries Month, and National Ice Cream Month.


While we love creative chefs and professional cooks, July is the designated month of recognition for leaders in culinary trends and dining excellence. Dine out, take a cooking class, or create a delightful new recipe on your own. However you choose to celebrate, Thrive! Would love to hear about it because promoting creativity, especially when it comes to food, is what it’s all about.


This is blueberry peak season so taste should be high and prices should be low. Look for the nearest DIY harvest farm to pick your own or locate the best blueberries at your Farmer’s Market. Look for blueberry festivals and to combine National Culinary Arts Month with National Blueberries Month, think about all the creative ways you can use blueberries in this month’s foodie creations.


Not just Ice Cream Month, but National Ice Cream Month! President Reagan designated July for this celebration in 1984 as a way to recognize ice cream as a fun and nutritious food. This will make for a great celebration since 90% of the U.S. enjoys a little ice cream indulgence from time to time. National Ice Cream Day is the third Sunday of the month, which falls on July 17th this year.

If one were a particularly industrious Thrive! participant one might try to find a way to celebrate all three of July’s themes by finding a creative culinary approach blueberry ice cream. Then post it to social media and tag @THRIVEMEETINGS and/or @TSTUCKRATH