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Ice Cream Guest Post | thrive!

An Ice Cream Story – Guest Blog Post

Ever since my first lick of ice cream, it has been an endless love story. Trading my toy out for ice cream at Chick-fil-a was the easiest decision I ever had to make. I spent every spring, summer, fall, and winter craving ice cream when I was happy, sad and anywhere in between. After giving up dairy, I thought my long and faithful love story with ice cream had come crashing to an end, but I soon realized how many other options I have. The first destination on my road to discovering dairy-free ice cream options landed with the classic…

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July: Culinary Arts, Blueberries, & Ice Cream, Oh My!

Welcome to July! We’re more than halfway through 2016. Can you believe it? July is known for some pretty popular all-American menus. The fourth of July may mean barbeques and apple pie, but there is s much more that July has to offer. The Thrive! celebrations will include many special days this month, but the July themes of choice are National Culinary Arts Month, National Blueberries Month, and National Ice Cream Month. NATIONAL CULUNARY ARTS MONTH  While we love creative chefs and professional cooks, July is the designated month of recognition for leaders in culinary trends and dining excellence. Dine…

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