Award of Excellence
recognizes individuals who give
their time to IACC


Last month at IACC’s America’s Connect Conference Tracy was completely surprised delighted and honored to win the organization’s 2022 Award of Excellence.

IACC’s Award of Excellence was established to underscore our commitment to education, and to recognize and shine a spotlight on those individuals who give their time, talent and resources to help create and enhance IACC’s educational offerings.

Neil Gardner, Division President Conference Centers & Hotels, FLIK, US and Vice President of IACC Americas chapter and global board director who presented the award said, “This individual first joined us at one of our board meetings in this very city some 5 years ago. You could say they put their money where their mouth is. Quite literally in fact! They are passionate about food in our industry, particularly about health and wellbeing.

This special person has delivered educational sessions at Connect and IACC Europe’s Knowledge Festival, contributed to many IACC papers and guides, including our Guide to Nutrition, and Meeting Room of the Future.

Finally, this person has worked closely with the F&B committee to develop this week’s menu, which places health and wellbeing at the heart of the menu planning. You can thank this person for never feeling so good when you finally leave Vegas! ”

At the same banquet, Creston Woods, managing director at Benchmark, was presented with IACC’s Pyramid Award to recognize his true and long-lasting commitment to IACC education. And, Alex Cabañas, President, Pyramid Global Hospitality was awarded the Mel Hosansky Award, IACC’s most prestigious honor for Distinguished Service to IACC and the meetings industry.

Tracy is honored to share the stage with Creston and Mel and, more importantly, to work with and support IACC and its members who, like her, are “passionate people and companies delivering innovative and exceptional meeting experiences.”