You’re orchestrating an event and it’s for Valentine’s. For some, this is the most fun an event planner can have and for others, it’s the most dreaded event theme they can ask for. Well, here are some date night trends. This is romance revisited event inspiration for you.

We already know about the trend where people are turning away from collecting things to collecting experiences. That is perfect, because as meeting and event professionals, that is what we already design – experiences. It wouldn’t hurt to take it up a notch and add some adventure.

Break Out The Bucket List

Some of the most adventurous things people have on their bucket lists are skydiving, scuba diving, exotic travel, and going on safari. Check out these places offering underwater dining and couple’s scuba lessons.

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  • In Belgium, couple’s can meet at the Pearl in one of the deepest pools in the world, scuba to a private underwater bungalow, and enjoy a gourmet meal with champagne.
  • These underwater restaurants offer ambiance, great food, and menus that match the theme.
  • Aquariums around the world offer a romantic dining experience and several even invite you to join a scuba lesson. This kind of site selection has adventure, romance, fine dining and often even has kids events so finding a babysitter is taken care of your guests.  

Pro Tip

Of course, my advice when serving a seafood menu is to ensure you provide sustainable seafood. And, don’t forget two of the Big 8 Allergens are crustaceans & fish. That means not only having non-seafood options that go beyond a consolation salad and carefully training servers and kitchen staff on cross-contamination.

Thespians & Food Trucks

Not kidding. Food trucks have turned the corner, so to speak, and are now some of the best sources of amazing, locally sourced, culturally relevant and authentic gourmet food. Create an experience that is more casual, but with all the delicious flavor of fine dining.

And because dinner and a movie is the date night go-to staple, create a memorable evening with the more intimate variation of live theater. Who’s better at storytelling than the bearded bard. Invoke Shakespearean classics like Romeo & Juliet or ask for something more modern. If your market won’t support the classics, go for a burlesque or masquerade theme.

Pro Tip

If an entire play isn’t possible, just ask your thespians to do a montage of the best romance scenes and sword fights to keep things lively and fun. And remember to have the food trucks label their menus with dishes that may contain allergens, because nothing kills romance like a bad reaction to the food.

Adventure Activities to Work up an Appetite

Partner with organizations to make these a part of your event or an adventure that leads up to your event. Either way, guests will work up a healthy appetite and you’ll be creating a memorable night for couples and singles, alike.

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  • Add a scavenger hunt to the evening’s festivities. This is a great option for indoor or outdoor excursions. If you don’t have the space, create trivia questions and have people find and answer them, bringing their answers to the host for a prize.
  • Outdoor excursions are better for adventurers and what’s better (and free) than geocaching. It’s likely there are geocaching points already near your event site. Create a box just for your event and add tickets for dessert so those with the adventuring spirit get a reward. Plus, geocaching is free, so your bottom line is nice and safe.
  • Put your guests to work for a great cause and the feel good reward for donating some time added to the endorphins of time spent with friends or a loved one, will put your event over the top. Partner with an organization like Shopping for a Change who will conveniently facilitate the assembly of gift bags and boxes by your volunteers for the charity of your choice. It’s an easy task for your guests and it will benefit people in need.
  • Perhaps geared more for long-term couples, making a time capsule can be a fun way to help them celebrate their relationship by doing something together. Make sure they know to bring a few items that are special to them. And provide some heart candy and a card with the most memorable, hopefully romantically themed, headlines from that year.

Pro Tip

Adventures and experience-caching are better with snacks. Make sure your guests have access to healthy, labeled, and allergen-free food throughout the night or at set points of the day or evening to help keep them going.