Contracting Food and Beverage During a Pandemic

Eating at a Meeting Podcast Episode 51

Smiling woman with short brown hair wearing a brown suit jacket and a red necklace she contracting food and beverage

Food and beverage is typically the largest expenditure on an event budget which makes contracting food and beverage that much more important.

And, In the age of COVID-19, planners and suppliers are charged with establishing extra safeguards to keep participants, sponsors and their companies and safe and healthy. Food and beverage safety is among those extra precautions.

How can both sides ensure the safety and legally protect themselves in these uncertain times?

In episode, attorneys Tyra Warner and Lisa Sommer Devlin talk with Tracy about what planners and suppliers need to know about contracting food and beverage events in the age of COVID-19 and beyond.

close up up of a smiling woman with blonde wearing a bright blue jacket. She is great at contracting food and beverage


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