Women Making HERstory 2020

The inaugural list of women making HERstory

In 2020 Tracy wanted to celebrate Women’s History month by highlighting and celebrating the work of 10 women in food and beverage. The inaugural list includes an attorney, doctor, chef, farmer, mom, advocate, food service general manager who are fighting for passenger rights on planes, championing changes to the WIC program, creating a food pantry for food allergic families, providing plant-based menus for hospital cafeteria or reducing food waste.

Read about and listen to these extraordinary women to learn ways we can offer better wellness opportunity through the food and beverage served at events.

While composting is good, Tinia Pina thinks there are more efficient ways to use food that otherwise would go to a landfill to provide the nutrients plants need to grow and thrive.

Lianne Mandelbaum has been advocating for food allergic airline passengers for eight years after she and her son were treated horribly. She has turned that experience into an advocacy platform which has fostered change in the airline industry.

Once a competitive bodybuilder who believed it took animal protein to build muscle, Nina Curtis found her competitive edge when she “broke up with salmon” and became a vegan chef. While Nina Curtis has been a foodie since she was an eight-year-old helping her mom cook from scratch and lending…

Medical research can be powerful — and so are the women who make it happen. One of these is Ruchi Gupta, MD, who doing some amazing work in food allergy research, and why she is making history in the food and beverage industry.

Amelia Ekus is nourishing inspiration in the corporate cafés she manages by creating a honest, sustainable and inclusive food and beverage experiences while also doing everything in her power to give her team members the skills they need to grow in their careers, not just to succeed in their current…

Aimee Francaes and her husband designed a restaurant like no other — locally sourced ingredients prepared, butchered, and preserved in house, a comprehensive accommodation of those with food allergies, and a staff so well-trained that everyone can feel safe that their needs will be met. Oh, and the food is…

Stepheni Norton’s journey from chief yeoman in the U.S. Coast Guard to Southern California farmer of pre-WWII fruit, vegetables and herbs began with a dream … and an insect bite.

Attorney Mary Vargas is making history in the food and beverage industry by giving a voice to people who aren’t being heard, such as a college student who could never afford a $685-an-hour attorney to speak for them. She advocates for people living with food allergies, celiac disease, and non-celiac…

For Women's History Month, we're highlighting chef and caterer Hillel Echo-Hawk who is making industry in the food and beverage industry by infusing her food with a passion for foods that are native to pre-colonial America.

A self-described “systems-change nerd,” Emily Brown, founder and CEO, Food Equality Initiative is determined to ensure that all who need allergy-free food have access to it. Celebrating Women's History Month with stories of women making history today in the food and beverage industry.