What We Do

We work with event planners, organizations, restaurants, festivals, hotels, resorts and convention centers to create smarter, healthier and greener events. We can also create or update your menus, train your staff and teach you how to implement safer, more diverse food and beverage offerings to accommodate the plethora of guests with special dietary needs.

No matter what service you hire us for, we’re committed to ensuring every detail is taken care of, every guest is accommodated and every dollar spent is maximized. We want you, your organization and your event to succeed.

We differentiate ourselves from other event professionals by ensuring we’re SMART in our planning and with your dollars; our GREEN processes are resourceful and responsible to your guests and your bottom line; and we offer DELICIOUS entertainment, education and food for all.

Thrive! helps you add value to your event or business to help it grow, provide a greater customer experience and get you new guests.

How we can help you

Event Management

No matter the size, type or scope of your event, Thrive! offers a complete range of services to encompass every phase of an event. From airport meet & greets to full event production, we can help. Let’s plan!

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Food & Beverage Consulting

Expand your clientele by learning how to cater to different dietary needs. Thrive! will work with your culinary team to design menus to expand your offerings and reach new markets. Let’s cook!

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Workshops & Training

From ServSafe®Food Safety training to customizable sessions, Thrive! event & culinary training ensures you have quality, committed and motivated staff who are knowledgeable about food safety and special dietary needs. Let’s train.

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Whether you need a breakout session, a specific topic, or a keynote session, consider Thrive! as you look to bring outstanding value to your audience when discussing the positive impact food has on events. Let’s talk.


Event Menu Planning

Designing menus to feed 50 to 5,000 while incorporating special dietary needs can be daunting. Let Thrive! handle the details and get everyone fed safely and deliciously. Let’s design.

Cooking Classes

Learning to cook allergy-free and/or healthy can be challenging. Thrive! cooking classes take the fear away and provide you the confidence to eat to meet your needs. Let’s eat.