Vegan & Plant-Based

Plant-based and Flavor-foward is Healthier and More Sustainable

Gone are the days of the vegan meal being the sides of the filet dinner. And, while ethical, environmental and religious needs are still reasons why attendees eat plant-based, personal health is at the forefront. Ditch crudité for irresistible beetroot carpaccio and saffron vegetable risotto. Design all menus plant-based first and then add the meat.

Learn how MGM Resorts and the Events Industry Council are working together to advance sustainability practices within events.

To celebrate Earth Day Tracy chats with Sustainability Champion Chance Thompson on how to Create Earthy-friendly Eating Experiences

Learn how the Better Food Foundation through its innovative strategy DefaultVeg by working to make institutional food choices by encouraging healthier, more inclusive and sustainable food choices for all.

Jim's company, Meeting U., has provided practical technology training for over 20 years. He spends his "free" time volunteering for organizations that help fight hunger as well as helping people understand the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle.

Free-from, GMO, naturally grown, organic, sustainable, cage-free. You name it, there's a label for it in the food you are buying. But, what do they all mean? Which one is right for you?

To celebrate Heart Health Month​, Jennifer Sena, CMP HMCC, a meetings & event industry professional working for Visit Lauderdale and mother of two, is a heart attack survivor. She shares how the heart attack has changed her perspective on her lifestyle, exercise and eating.

The demand for plant-based eating is growing rapidly and Kathy Hester is a blogger, recipe developer and author of 11 cookbooks who ensures that all of her recipes are plant-based and vegan.

Desserts at events usually leave some guests with a desire to have their cake, but having to walk away without eating it too. Apparently, the pastry chefs at those events have not met or taken one of Chef Fran Costigan’s Vegan Pastry classes. She feels that everyone’s sweet tooth, including…