Safety & Legalities

Falling the Law and Safety Practices are Opportunities for New Business

In the kitchen, at the bar, on the buffet and with service, food safety is the responsibility of everyone. It’s the law, and attendees consider it a top concern. Know the laws, but also use food safety as an opportunity to reaffirm trust, create loyal fans and grow business.


Tracy talks to Mark Cooper and Sean Anderson of IACC about talk about catering trends enhancing dining experiences as a result of COVID.

By focusing on what can be control when preparing meeting menus for those with food allergies and other dietary needs meeting professionals, caterers and event hosts can provide a plethora of opportunities and create much better experiences.

Shandee Chernow, CEO of Certistar, is using her life-threatening food allergy to elevate food allergy safety and customer experience for restaurants.

In the age of COVID-19, meeting planners and suppliers are charged with establishing extra safeguards to keep participants, sponsors and their companies and safe and healthy. Food and beverage safety is among those extra precautions.

Did you know cocktails and spirits may contain ingredients that may be unsafe to consume for some people? Cocktails and spirits consultant Camper English is focused on both the safety and legality of ingredients produced by brands and used by mixologists.

With 25 years of experience in the foodservice industry, Kristine Holtz, CEO of Cornerstone Foodservice Group, says that with some well thought out modifications to catering design and service caterers and other food service providers can offer safe and elegant dining solutions in almost all situations.