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Raw Organic Yellow Plumcots

Plums are not just for Pudding at Christmas

140+ varieties of this "drupe" fruit are sold in the US As part of fruits and veggies month, Thrive! is featuring fruit and veggies each week. This week and the final fruit being featured are plums. A whopping 90 percent of adults and children don't get enough fruits and veggies, so add this one to your shopping list this week! HISTORY Plums are one of the first domesticated fruits in central Asia and Europe. Plums are not as old as the figs,dates, and olives of Mesopotamia but they do go back far. Plum remnants were found at Bronze Age sites in Switzerland, Hungary and…

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Peaches at the market

Peaches – Summer’s Sweet Bounty

June is National Fresh Fruit & Vegetables Month. Thrive! is promoting fresh fruits and vegetables alongside the USDA to help focus attention on eating more fruits and veggies because 90% of adults and children don't include enough in their diet. The first fruit we are going to highlight this month is the fruit of my home state Georgia - the peach. HISTORY The Peach became first known in China where it got its start with the name “tao.” From China they spread to the rest of the world through the ancient silk route. The peach fruit belongs to the genus, Prunus;…

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