Enhancing Dining Experiences Born out of Necessity but with Ingenuity

Eating at a Meeting Podcast Episode #107

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Enhancing Dining Experiences Born out of Necessity but with Ingenuity


This episode is the second of three recorded at IMEX America. Tracy is chatting with Mark Cooper, CEO and Sean Anderson, Global Board President of IACC, an international collection of 400 small to mid-size conference, training and meeting venues that specialize in meetings and events.

Listen in as Tracy, Mark and Sean talk about food and beverage trends. From QR codes for each person’s dietary needs, food waste and food safety to redesigning dining environments, evaluating a food service partners and how accelerating investment in design are good for people, business and the planet. Be committed to the venue and the menu. Learn how some venues are making changes born out necessity (COVID) but with some ingenuity are offering specific experiences that are upgraded and personalized while also safe, inclusive and sustainable.

Key Points from the Conversation

6:30 — New creative installation that Chef Jakob Buus at Bautahøj in Denmark did in response to COVID that paid off in tremendous ways

11:05 — Different groups and different meetings coming together in a shared environment.

13:46 — Mark Cooper “…When you’ve got a personal team that’s looking after your meeting, and you’re one of 20 people, and they’re looking after you for breakfast, lunch and dinner, they’re going to know, right, exactly what Tracy needs. I love that. Yeah, it’s exciting. So the personalization leads to an enhanced experience leads to a higher product offering and it’s got nothing to do with pandemics.”

15:49 — Food Safety dialogue is a point of leverage

17:34 — Are meeting professionals adequately educated to evaluate venues on food safety and other issues?

18:44 — “Would you get married at a venue without tasting the food?”

21:02 — “What’s the first thing that you do to start?” to create a food and beverage program

23:43 — An opportunity to try something new

24:54 — redesign the space so it looks custom made


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