Service & Experience

Service Staff are Ambassadors of Experience

Servers, event managers and banquet captains are the attendee-facing ambassadors of the culinary experience. Their knowledge of what is being served and their service skills will make or break a dining experience. And, with staffing being a challenge, we have an opportunity to help these food ambassadors shine.

Learn from these experts on how to help them shine and improve the experience for them and your guests, so you can build fans and grow your business.

Food is more than "lunchtime." It’s an integral part of the experience. Learn how Bonni Scepkowski designs stellar meeting menus to reflect audience demographics, company culture, and the vibe of the program.

Tracy talks to Mark Cooper and Sean Anderson of IACC about talk about catering trends enhancing dining experiences as a result of COVID.

Bob Pacanovsky knows catering. He also knows customer service. Learn how, why and what black tie customer experience can do for a business.

Jennifer Johnson shares how to plans event menus for guests dietary needs, including her own Autoimmune Disease and gluten intolerance.

In this episode of Eating at a Meeting for Women’s History Month, Tanya Gurrieri, founder of Salthouse Catering in Charleston, SC talks with Tracy about how there is no compromising when it comes to food safety or quality no matter where we are executing an event or for whom.

To celebrate Heart Health Month​, Jennifer Sena, CMP HMCC, a meetings & event industry professional working for Visit Lauderdale and mother of two, is a heart attack survivor. She shares how the heart attack has changed her perspective on her lifestyle, exercise and eating.

With 25 years of experience in the foodservice industry, Kristine Holtz, CEO of Cornerstone Foodservice Group, says that with some well thought out modifications to catering design and service caterers and other food service providers can offer safe and elegant dining solutions in almost all situations.