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Circular pictures of two women. They are promoting appearance on the Eating at a Meeting podcast to talk about Managing Food & Beverage at MPI's World Education Congress
Cover of Smart Meetings magazine with a woman Roaring
Eating at a Meeting logo links to the listing of podcast episodes
Posters on a fence for Public Food Scrap Drop-off site
Eat Well Travel Better Podcast Logo .... Links from Instagram
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Two smiling women leaning into each other. Molly Crouch and Aurora Dawn Benton who will discuss embedding sustainability into the event planning process on the Eating at a Meeting podcast July 6 at 12PM Eastern
Smiling woman with long blonde hair promoting her upcoming podcast Hospitality Today LIVE
Blue microphone with Trade Show Talk next to it in Orange
Korean potato hot dog. Sausages fried in batter and fried potatoes corn dog 2022 Top Food and Beverage Trends for 2022
2021 Meetings Today Trendsetters
Smiling male Bee Keeper on top of a building
Pink background with circles of pictures of women celebrating International Women's Day
Food Allergy Awareness Week Final Day