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A woman wearing a black shirt and a khaki apron.. To the left of her are the words Discover the Rich Traditions of Jewish Cuisine with Culinary Expert Susan Barocas, which will air on April 10 on the Eating at a Meeting podcast LIVE.
Picture of an open laptop displaying an image of a woman and man on screen.
Eating at a Meeting logo links to the listing of podcast episodes
Raising the Bar: Join Us for a Spirited conversation with the Cocktail Bandits! To the right of the text are two combined photos of smiling women with black curly hair making cocktails
Meetings today magazine cover with Tracy Stuckrath on the front juggling bell peppers
white keyboard with pink button with a email image on it links to newsletter signup
A woman wearing a cream colored Hijab and pink jacket. To the left of her are the words Uncover the Rich Halal Traditions with Yvonne Maffei: A Must-See Before Ramadan, which will air on March 6.
Woman in black top and green bomber jacket.
Cover of Smart Meetings magazine with a woman Roaring
Smiling woman sitting at a table wearing a shortsleeve pink sweater. On the table in front of her are piles of dietary need meal cards in a variety of colors and options.
Smiling woman with long blonde hair promoting her upcoming podcast Hospitality Today LIVE
Clip of an online article titled Taste Trends: 3 Ways to Foster DEI through F&B Experiences at Events by Lori Tenny. Picture of Tracy Stuckrath leaning on a blue wall to the right of the article text.
Event F&B: Advancing Access, Equity & Sustainability words over the picture of a dining table set for an event
2021 Meetings Today Trendsetters
photo of smiling woman with long blonde hair wearing a black top. Under her photo is her name, Jill Blood, and company name Maritz. To the right of the image is the date and time and information about her appearance on the Eating at a Meeting podcast to discuss "Ensuring Privacy: What you need to know about health data privacy laws & events"
18 images of people on the left sharing that they will be guests on the 200th episode of the Eating at a Meeting podcast
Smiling woman sitting outside wearing a pink shirt and red glasses. The text to the left of her head reads "#EventProfs Can help REDUCE CLIMATE CHANGE with their Food & Beverage Choices. Listen to Learn More."
An iPad and iPhone on a table. On the iPad is a picture of a woman and a man who are on video screen. On the iPhone is the Eating at a Meeting podcast logo with Episode #189 FAB: Giving Women Tools to Navigate the F&B Industry and Succeed with Randi Weinstein of FAB.
Grid of photos of women. In the center are the words Celebrating HERstory women in food and beverage. In the bottom right corner are two logo - Eating at a Meeting and thrive! meetings & events