stock epinephrine laws across the US

States across the United States are starting to permit places of public accommodation (hotels, convention centers, restaurants, theme parks) to stock epinephrine on site in an effort to provide a quicker response to those individuals who are having anaphylactic reactions.

The National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases advises that an intramuscular injection of epinephrine be administered immediately after symptoms begin. The delayed use of epinephrine in allergic reactions has been associated with deaths due to anaphylaxis.

It would nice to have “stock” epinephrine as commonplace as AED’s and fire extinguishers are in public venues across the country.

States with Stock Epinephrine Entity Laws:

Alabama — HB294

Alaska — AS 17.21.090

Arizona (2016) – HB2265

Arkansas (2015) – SB394

Colorado (2015) – HB15-1232

Florida (2014) – HB1131

Georgia (2015) – SB126

Idaho (2016) – SB1322

Indiana (2015) – HB1454

Iowa (2015) – SF462

Kentucky (2015) — HB139

Maine (2015) – LD1125

Michigan (2015) – HB4438

Minnesota (2015) – HF1638

Nevada (2015) – AB158

New Hampshire 2016 – SB25-FN

New Jersey (2016) – 4094

North Carolina (2015) – HB647

Oklahoma (2015) -SB542

Oregon (2013) – SB611 Epinephrine

Rhode Island (2014) – HB7576

Tennessee (2016) – HB2054/SB1989

Utah (2015) – SB147

Washington (2016) – SB6421

West Virginia (2015) – HB2648

Wisconsin (2015) – SB139

States with Pending Stock Epinephrine Entity Laws 

Legislation has been introduced in the following states, but is pending further legislative discussion and approval.

States with No Stock Epinephrine Entity Legislation 

The following states have not introduce any legislation to allow places of public accommodation to stock epinephrine:









New Mexico

North Dakota

South Dakota