DE&I: What’s Food & Beverage Got to do With it?

Eating and drinking are fundamental requirements for health, relationships, culture, and well-being.

Yet, food and beverage are often overlooked as a way to foster experiences where everyone feels like they belong.

Learn how and why to integrate food and beverage into diversity, equity, and inclusion programming and events.

Every good company — and event professional — knows that creating a diverse, equitable, and inclusive experience is important to engaging employees.

Sharing meals together is rooted in company culture. From lunch meetings to client dinners, dessert birthday celebrations, national sales meetings, and incentive trips, food is everywhere.
What may seem like a harmless attempt to enrich business relationships and boost morale might have offensive, and potentially life-threatening consequences.
Employees and guests who have food allergies, diabetes, or celiac disease, maintain a plant-based or vegan diet and/or follow religious dietary guidelines appreciate having safe and nutritious food and beverage at events so they do not leave a table feeling hungry.
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Just as Each Employee is Unique, so May their Dietary Needs

Enjoying a meal at work is a common human experience. But when an employee is left out due to an invisible disability — a dietary restriction — or a lifestyle practice that involves food and beverage they can feel hurt, unappreciated, threatened, and even unsafe. Now more than ever, a growing number of individuals maintain special diets for medical, health, and/or religious reasons.

◾️  1 in 10 US adults has a food allergy

◾️ 1 in 133 has celiac disease and 1-13% have non-celiac gluten-intolerance

◾️  52% Americans followed an eating pattern/diet in the past year

◾️  40% have diabetes or pre-diabetes

◾️  33% follow a religious-based diet on a daily or weekly basis

So, how do you go about providing food options that are safe and inclusive — attributes critical for employee well-being and belonging?

When employees/attendees feel appreciated, respected, and know that their needs are being met, they feel more compelled to participate fully and make a difference.

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Hosted by Food Inclusion Expert Tracy Stuckrath

Are you an event organizer struggling with creating an inclusive dining experience?

Well, you’re in the right place. I'm Tracy, and after 30+ years of experience as an event planner and 10+ as a food inclusion expert, I’ve developed a reputation for being the go-to-resource for event organizers as well as HR and DEI managers who want a no-fluff approach to creating delicious food and beverage experiences that build a culture of well-being, helping to promote a more satisfied, more productive and loyal workforce.

I do this work because I believe that every guest matters and every meal matters. When we provide food and beverage experiences that are safe and inclusive...we encourage connections, increase wellbeing, and create a happier and healthier world.

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