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Thrive! Menu Management

How well do you know the people you serve?

Did you know that:

  • They may have a mild to life-threatening food allergy (1 in every 25 people).
  • They may have celiac disease (1 in every 133 people).
  • They may be diabetic or follow a restrictive diet for other health purposes.
  • They’re part of a growing population that is extremely health-conscious, body-conscious and will NOT settle for having their dietary needs go ignored.

Are you prepared to accommodate them?

As a certified food allergy trainer and menu planner for many years, I’ve built an entire business on creating food options that give everyone – food restriction or not – a reason to celebrate, while eliminating the stress of menu management for the hundreds of industry professionals I’ve served.

Are you struggling with creating a remarkable experience for your guests? Don’t play guesswork with diet-sensitive menu planning when your guests’ health is at stake. If your business and customers mean the world to you, let me plan an exciting menu that accommodates the full spectrum of your guests’ dietary needs.

Here’s what your attendees will say afterward:

It’s one of the first times since I have had a dietary restriction that somebody cared, and somebody planned. And I didn’t just feel that my issue was just added in at the very end. I had a meal ready for me with my name on it when everyone else got a meal. It wasn’t brought out 45 minutes after everybody else’s. I felt like I was part of the general population, and not just an add-on. Thank you so much for thinking of us with dietary restrictions and making us feel wanted. – Laura G., Conference Attendee in Atlanta GA, April 2014


  • Enhanced registration process
  • Upgraded attendee experience
  • Improved reporting for planners and chefs
  • Reduction in food waste
  • Budget savings
  • Increased accuracy
  • Heightened food safety

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Let Thrive! plan an exciting menu that accommodates the full spectrum of your guests’ dietary needs. 

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