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Whether you’re planning an event for five, 100 or 40,000, developing a menu can be daunting. Add to that the plethora of guests asking for special meal accommodations and the task becomes almost insurmountable.

On the other side of the table, eating at events can be overwhelming for attendees with food allergies, medical conditions (gluten-free, lactose-free), lifestyle preferences (vegetarian, vegan) or religious practices (halal, kosher). Language barriers of servers, unfamiliar or unlabeled dishes and untrained and misinformed staff make eating difficult, scary and sometimes risky at events, especially if the need causes severe allergic and medical reactions.

Thrive! Meal Cards allow your attendees to communicate their dietary needs to a chef, banquet captain and/or server discreetly and with ease, avoiding the confusion and stress often experienced during meal functions.

By using our carefully and clearly designed Meal Cards, you ease the process for both the front and back of the house as well as with your attendees. Available as standardized cards or customized by attendee, Thrive! Meal Cards help you and your attendees ensure their dietary needs are communicated effectively.

Why use Meal Cards?

  • Provides clear messaging between attendees and the kitchen
  • Helps attendee communicate dietary needs with ease and simplicity
  • Authenticates attendees’ requests
  • Reduces stress on attendee, wait staff and kitchen
  • Helps minimize food waste and costs
  • Reduces risk and liability

Each brightly colored 3”x3” meal cards fits easily in the back of a name badge. The square size and bright colors help distinguish it from business cards and makes it easier to find. Each card contains:

  • Need in bold lettering (e.g., milk allergy)
  • 1-2 Letter descriptive of the need that can also be used to ID food on buffets and menus
  • Spanish translation of the need
  • Details of the need (what things they need to avoid)
  • Space for attendee to add their name, table number and waiter

Two Types of Cards are Available:

Customized Meal Ticket_FrontCustomized Cards

Customized Meal Cards allow you to create personalized cards for each of your attendees. A great option for your attendees with multiple or uncommon food allergies or the not so common other medical needs (avoid Vitamin K for heart conditions), customized cards aid attendees in conveying their special needs more clearly.

With each order of customized Meal Cards, you receive two cards per attendee per meal. Our recommendation is that one set of meal cards goes to the attendee and the other to your catering partner so it can tag the meals in the back of the house. Having your caterer tag the meals helps the back of house staff provide the right meal to the correct attendee.

(P) Peanut Allergy meal ticket is one option of many in helping guests communicate with the catering staffStandard Cards

Standardized cards work well for guests with more common allergens or other dietary needs (e.g. milk allergy, gluten-free, kosher).

Thrive! Meal Cards are specific for individual allergens (e.g. shellfish, wheat, peanut wheat) and contain more details for your catering chefs and staff on what foods may contain those allergens.

The backside of the Meal Cards asks attendees to provide their name, table number and waiter to personalize the cards and assist the back of house when delivering meals.

50 cards per pack.

Help Your Attendees Communicate Their Needs Better Today!

Reduce Your Risk, Communicate Better and Minimize Waste


Brightly Colored Square

At 3” x 3”, the Meal Cards fit perfectly into the back of name badges so attendees can keep them on hand at all times. The square shape helps distinguish them from business cards. The bright colors and large letters along with the English and Spanish improve communication.

Order Today, Receive in 7 Days

Whether your event is a week or two months away, Thrive! Meal Cards will be ready in seven days and stored on our website for six months for convenient retrieval.


Thrive! meal cards — standard and customized — are intended to provide you an easy, vivid and customized way to communicate your event participant’s dietary needs with your catering vendors. Thrive! Meetings & Events has used reasonable efforts to provide a clear and easy-to-use communication tool to be used during meetings. We make no representations, warranties, or guarantees that the food ordered or served is free of trace amounts of peanuts, tree nuts, wheat, milk (dairy), egg, soy, fish, shellfish, sesame seed, gluten or other allergens. Any concerns that you may have should be addressed with your catering vendors.

If you need help communicating with your catering partners, Thrive! offers meeting menu management services to facilitate safe, delicious and healthy meals for all attendees.

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