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Healthier menus for ALL attendees promotes learning, provides energy, sharpens concentration

When an attendee asks for a special meal, is your first reaction that he or she is a picky eater or on one of the latest fad diets?

Either is a possibility, but perhaps they’re one of the:

  • 15 million Americans – one in 25 – who has a food allergy*
  • 25.8 million Americans with diabetes
  • 1 in every 133 Americans with celiac disease
  • 27 million people are vegetarians*
  • 4 million people who follow a vegan diet

Are you thinking picky eater or on one of the latest fad diets?

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Such restrictions might seem daunting – even annoying. But, with a growing number of people diagnosed with and acquiring food allergies and other food-based diseases, members of the hospitality industry must learn to understand these needs in order to take care of our guests. Such awareness also presents a prime opportunity to exceed expectations and improve the customer experience.

Instead of singling out those “special” meal requests, why not create the menu around the special needs and serve it to all your guests. Not only will you be meeting the dietary needs of a few, but you will most likely be providing a healthier meal for everyone.

At Thrive! we can provide training on the various types of food allergies, conditions, dietary restrictions and preferences that are out there, and we can help you design menus that have all your attendees talking about.

Manage, and exceed, expectations by introducing healthier and great tasting food that feed everyone.

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