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Elevate Your Events with Thrive Communication Tools

Registration, Meals Cards, Buffet Labels & Apps

Improve communication between your chefs, vendors, participants, sponsors and staff for safer, more successful event outcomes.

Whether you’re planning an event for five, 500 or 20,000, clear communication between all parties — sales managers, planners, catering managers, chefs, banquet captains, servers and attendees — is imperative in providing safe and nutritious meals for all.

But how do you develop creative menus and run a smooth event, while mitigating the risk factors involved in serving meals that are sensitive to food allergies, medical needs and cultural practices? These risk factors include the language barriers and communication styles of servers, unfamiliar or unlabeled dishes, and untrained or misinformed staff.

To avoid the stress and confusion of managing dozens of meal requirements, Thrive! has created a variety of tools to help you communicate successfully with everyone involved in a catered event and to serve your attendees safely and to their delicious satisfaction


  • Minimizes risk and liability
  • Reduces stress on attendee, wait staff and kitchen
  • Helps attendee communicate dietary needs with ease and simplicity
  • Authenticates attendees’ requests
  • Helps minimize food waste and costs
  • Frees up your time to oversee your event

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Help your attendees, chefs and servers feel at ease and safe with the menu with Thrive! communication tools. 

Registration System

Planning a safe and delicious menu starts with the event registration system. At this vital first step, we’ll ask your attendees about their dietary needs and share that information with catering staff.

Thrive! has developed and fine-tuned the registration process. We’ll ask your attendees the right questions upfront, so you have all the information your caterers need to prepare a safe, satisfying meal when the big day arrives.

Meal Cards

Our carefully and clearly designed Meal Cards streamline the end-to-end process for both the front and back of the house, as well as your attendees. Available in both standard and customizable formats, Thrive! Meal Cards help you and your attendees ensure their dietary needs are communicated, understood by all parties and satisfactorily met.

Buffet Labels

When walking through a buffet line, food should include more than just a menu item name. Allergens and dietary preferences should be listed to inform attendees about what is and what isn’t in the food and whether it meets their dietary needs.

Thrive! works directly with chefs to understand the menu, decipher ingredient lists and then create buffet labels that are clear, concise and accurate.

Event Apps

Empower your attendees with information — well in advance of your event. Once the menus are confirmed, use our event app to let your attendees know what will be served. Doing so demonstrates your preparedness and care for the people you serve.

Our event app integration also serves as a vital accountability link, allowing you, your attendees and your chef to communicate directly with each other throughout the event. After the event, you can use the app to solicit attendee feedback to make sure they received a meal that met their needs.

Menu Cheat Sheets

Servers are an attendee’s main point of contact throughout a meal function. But, servers who are uneducated about the meals being served are a big pain point for both planners and attendees. To ensure sufficient meal knowledge is available to your most essential team members, Thrive! has developed Menu Cheat sheets. These easy-to-read, easy-to-memorize fact sheets educate wait staff about a menu’s ingredients, preparation and other finer details. We can also be onsite to train the staff in person and ensure they are ready to serve your attendees.

Thrive! Bar

Let Thrive! serve as your food and beverage ambassador, providing event participants a dedicated go-to person to answer all of their questions about your menu. Having a dedicated resource will free up your time to oversee your event and enjoy your guests, while we handle attendee inquiries.

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