Asking is a Positive Move

Being an event planer with food allergies can be both a blessing and a curse. As a food allergic person, I want to be able to eat safely at events. As a planner, I understand the intricate details that go into creating and executing an event while ensuring everyone’s needs are met, especially when it comes to planning menus.

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hands holding a globe sustainable great responsibility

Remember, with Great Power Comes Great Responsibility

Peter Parker's uncle Ben had it right when he taught him the power of responsibility. The health of your event, your attendees and our nation is a great responsibility that meeting professionals must embrace   I never thought I would be quoting from Spider-Man (although my nephew would be proud), but the meaning behind Uncle Ben's statement — "Remember, with Great Power Comes Great Responsibility" — to Peter is truly why I started my company and now this blog. When I found out eight years ago I had an allergy to yeast, you would have thought I'd be traumatized -…

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