Food Allergies

Food (Allergies) for Thought

Food (Allergies) for Thought by Tracy Stuckrath In the Fall 2012 issue of Minnesota Meetings & Events, Tracy Stuckrath discusses how communication is key to managing the food allergies of event participants. And, it must be a three-way conversation between the planner, the attendee and your catering vendors. Vendors need to know in advance what they need and can prepare and the participant needs to understand and feel comfortable with how they will be served.

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Catersource “Get Fresh”: January 2012

In the latest Fresh Ideas from the ICA in Catersource's Get Fresh newsletter, Tracy Stuckrath, CSEP, CMM, CHC talks about how to manage the dietary needs of guests in "Tolerating Intolerance." She says its important to be proactive in your planning - ask guests about their needs in advance, update your recipes so they can be prepared multiple ways to accommodate different needs. Its also important to pay attention to cross contamination in the kitchen and on the buffets.

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Asking is a Positive Move

Being an event planer with food allergies can be both a blessing and a curse. As a food allergic person, I want to be able to eat safely at events. As a planner, I understand the intricate details that go into creating and executing an event while ensuring everyone’s needs are met, especially when it comes to planning menus.

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