Be Your Guest

3-Day Challenge

Discover how your guests need to eat
and how to use that know-how to
healthy menus that meet
multiple dietary needs.

You 💗 designing event menus…
but with so many dietary need requests
it’s become quite a challenge.

Lactose intolerant, gluten-free, allergies to shellfish, peanuts, kiwi, and sesame,
vegan, pescatarian, vegetarian, Whole30, no pork, no red meat, Keto, and paleo.
What do they all mean? How can one menu meet all of the needs?
Participate in the FREE 3-day Be Your Guest Challenge to learn how your guests eat
so you can design, order, and serve meals that meet their needs
within budget and without the stress.

Consumer Demands are Changing


◾️  54% of all consumers care more about the healthfulness of their choices than 10 years ago

◾️  Nearly 60% of Americans consider their overall health when deciding what to eat and drink

◾️  More than 40% of Americans follow a specific diet or eating pattern

◾️  1 in 10 US adults have a food allergy and 1 in 100  Americans have celiac disease

How do you create food and beverage options that are healthy and meet multiple dietary options, but aren’t always the same options at every meal?

What challenges do your attendees have eating at your events with their dietary needs? 

Let’s figure it out together by sitting in their seat and eating the way they do.

Join Me for the 3-day Challenge to:

Gain Insight
on how to read labels
to find hidden allergens
Understand the Challenges
your attendees have when
eating at events
Discover Ways
to save time and money while delivering delicious experiences
Hosted by Event Industry Leader Tracy Stuckrath

Are you an event organizer struggling with addressing attendee's multiple food restrictions?

Well, you’re in the right place. I'm Tracy, and after 30+ years of experience as an event planner and 10+ as a culinary concierge, I’ve developed a reputation for being the go-to-resource for event professionals who want a no-fluff approach to creating delicious food and beverage experiences that meet needs and maximize budgets.

I do this work because I believe that every guest matters and every meal matters. When we provide food and beverage experiences that are safe and inclusive...we encourage connections, increase wellbeing, and create a happier and healthier world.

Be Your Guest for 3 Days to Transform Your Meeting Menus