21 Jan

New Jersey Announces that Stock Epinephrine Bill is Now Law »

New Jersey Governor signs into law “Epinephrine Access and Emergency Treatment Act”
In December 2015 you may have read in the Thrive! blog that the New Jersey state Senate had

19 Jan

Climatarian: What this New Food Word Means for Menus »

Climatarian: The Diet Based on Your Footprint – Your “Carbon-Footprint”
Last month on Twitter, Shawna McKinley of MeetGreen tagged me while asking #eventprofs if any of them were

14 Jan

A Spotlight on the New Food Labeling Modernization Act and Meetings »

The new Food Labeling Modernization Act of 2015 is important to the food allergic community and the meetings industry

The new bill will add sesame to the U.S.

05 Jan

2016 Top Food and Beverage Trends Offer Promising Options for Meetings »

From locally sourced to spicy, ugly, personalized and nostalgic, here Thrive! predicts the 2016 Top Food and Beverage Trends
When thinking about the 2016 top food and beverage trends, the

29 Dec

2015 Saw Dramatic Increase in Epinephrine Laws Across the U.S. »

Epinephrine Laws Enable Venues to Stock and Educate Staff on this Life-saving Medication
When someone experiences a severe allergic reaction, their first line of defense is epinephrine, a dr

22 Dec

Launch into the New Year with the Best Food Trends from 2015 »

From Bar Carts to Beer, Here is How and What We Ate in 2015
As 2015 comes to an end, it’s time to review the lessons of the past year and welcome a new year of successes and challenges

15 Dec

Allergy Labelling in the European Union: How Confident is the Freefrom Customer when eating out? »

Food businesses and their staff need more training to better manage the expectations of the FreeFrom customer
A year ago the European Union enacted EU1169 requiring that all food served dir

08 Dec

Introducing Meal Tickets to Simplify Dietary Needs Management »

Meal Tickets Help Identify and Communicate Important Information
One of the biggest challenges meeting planners and catering managers face is the efficient accommodation of the spectrum of a

Advancements in Epinephrine Can Actually be Valuable for Event Attendees »

New State Entity Laws Give Venues Opportunity Save Lives
Since I wrote this post in May on the historic law that makes Georgia safer for event attendees, I’m excited to be able to add 15 m

05 Sep

In the Meetings Industry, Bad Service Is a Disservice »

At some point, we have all experienced bad service at a restaurant. The exact experiences may vary, but bad service always leaves patrons feeling unfulfilled and well, sort of peeved.