22 Mar

The Next Frontier is Dine-Arounds: Eating in Chefs’ Homes »

Most conference planners want to plug their attendees into the vibe of the city they’re in, but when planning around a jam-packed education schedule, it can be a challenge to find the time

Kids Summer Cooking Camp »

Kids Summer Cooking Camp (Ages 10+)
Among her many talents, Tracy Stuckrath is teaching summer cooking camps.

Are you Alienating 38% of Your Guests? »

As many as 38% of people worldwide, self-identify as having a food allergy or intolerance.

01 Mar

A Brief History of Eating: Dining Trivia For A Shared Meal »

Whether it’s through lavish parties or simple snacks, the act of eating has brought humanity together since the beginning of time.

Going Alcohol-Free for Your Next Big Event »

We think of alcohol as vital for evening events, and in most cases, it probably is. It lubricates conversation and helps many people relax.

18 Feb

The Power of Eating Communally »

Can Eating Communally Positively Impact Events?
When we think about food at conferences, most of the talk is about logistics: How do I serve 500 people while the keynote speaker is talking?

09 Feb

Chipotle: An Opportunity for Food Safety Reminders »

On February 8th, every Chipotle restaurant in the country closed briefly for an all-hands meeting to address food safety.

Valentine’s Day Reminders for Sweet Success »

Valentine’s is right around the corner and while loved ones are fervently planning the perfect evening, you are assembling the team that will make it happen.

21 Jan

New Jersey Announces that Stock Epinephrine Bill is Now Law »

New Jersey Governor signs into law “Epinephrine Access and Emergency Treatment Act”
In December 2015 you may have read in the Thrive! blog that the New Jersey state Senate had

19 Jan

Climatarian: What this New Food Word Means for Menus »

Climatarian: The Diet Based on Your Footprint – Your “Carbon-Footprint”
Last month on Twitter, Shawna McKinley of MeetGreen tagged me while asking #eventprofs if any of them were