23 Nov

Thanksgiving Dishes for Guests with Food Allergies »

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful opportunity to come together, but it can also be a bit intimidating for a number of reasons.

17 Nov

Make Your Attendees Crave Lunch with these 12 Vegan Options »

Use the Vegan Lunch Ideas for Meetings to Feed Attendees Well
Over the last few months I’ve gotten quite a few emails/calls from meeting planners asking me for healthy and delicious

09 Nov

Celebrate Diabetes Awareness Month by Savoring Delicious Nutritious Foods »

Managing Diabetes at Meetings can Improve Health for all 
If you follow me on social media, you may have already noticed it’s Diabetes Awareness Month.

01 Nov

Happy Vegan Month and World Vegan Day! »

November is off to a great start and one of the reasons is that November first is World Vegan Day.

27 Oct

Halloween: Keep Your Custom Eaters Safe from Forbidden Foods, Not Just Pesky Ghouls »

Five Ideas for Frightfully Festive Cocktail Hour Fare
Halloween parties are a fun opportunity to get creative while maintaining that special balance between making everything look c

25 Oct

Lemongrass Hummus »

LemonGrass Hummus
recipe by Megan McCarthy, Healthy Eating 101

Lemongrass Hummus

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21 Oct

Convening Kosher – from Facilities & Destinations Magazine, Summer 2016 »

Convening Kosher 
Communication and knowledge are key to ensuring the F&B experience
pleases all parties
At a recent Tourism Ireland event, I was intrigued by a query to guest host Lady

18 Oct

October: Vegetarian Awareness Month »

October is Vegetarian Awareness Month! This doesn’t mean there is a sudden call-to-action for all meat-eaters to go veggie, but it’s a great way to stop and appreciate that there are som

13 Oct

Prepared But Not Served – A Guest Blog by Jim Spellos »

There is growing attention being paid to food waste, which is wonderful.

12 Oct

Food Allergies and the ADA »

My good friend Dr. Tyra Hilliard, PhD, JD, CMP, is a meetings industry attorney, college professor, speaker and writer.