24 Jan

2017 Cutting Edge Food Trends »

So much can be said for the future of our industry and of food. There is too much hunger, yet food waste is a major problem.

23 Jan

Slow Food is a Fast Solution »

January is #SlowCookerMonth, and while slow cookers can be a comfort food staple at many cook-offs and potlucks, I want to use this opportunity to separate the idea of slow cookers and slow

13 Jan

Press Release: FARE Requests Investigation of American Airlines for Violations of Air Carrier Access Act »

This month, FARE filed a complaint with the U.S. Department of Transportation against American Airlines for violations of the Air Carrier Act.

20 Dec

So You Are Asked to Manage a Kosher Event…What do You do? »

How to Manage A Kosher Event
In October after hearing how Bonnie had to plan her daughter’s Jewish wedding last month incorporating two different kosher practices, I asked if she would

15 Dec

Worldwide Food Service Safety Month Recognizes Practices as Critical as Any Other Customer Service Standard »

Preventing Harm is Basis of Worldwide Food Service Safety Month 
Every year since 1994, December marks Worldwide Food Service Safety Month.

15 Dec

A Multicultural Holiday Season Calls for a Special Feast »

December and the winter season is a time for celebration! It’s a multicultural holiday season and as we design our menus and activities, we can consider the many opportunities we have for

06 Dec

Make Your Holiday Wine Shopping Easier with These Tips »

I’m a vodka drinker. Used to drink beer.

23 Nov

Thanksgiving Dishes for Guests with Food Allergies »

Thanksgiving is such a wonderful opportunity to come together, but it can also be a bit intimidating for a number of reasons.

17 Nov

Make Your Attendees Crave Lunch with these 12 Vegan Options »

Use the Vegan Lunch Ideas for Meetings to Feed Attendees Well
Over the last few months I’ve gotten quite a few emails/calls from meeting planners asking me for healthy and delicious

09 Nov

Celebrate Diabetes Awareness Month by Savoring Delicious Nutritious Foods »

Managing Diabetes at Meetings can Improve Health for all 
If you follow me on social media, you may have already noticed it’s Diabetes Awareness Month.