25 Oct

Lemongrass Hummus »

LemonGrass Hummus
recipe by Megan McCarthy, Healthy Eating 101

Lemongrass Hummus

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21 Oct

Convening Kosher – from Facilities & Destinations Magazine, Summer 2016 »

Convening Kosher 
Communication and knowledge are key to ensuring the F&B experience
pleases all parties
At a recent Tourism Ireland event, I was intrigued by a query to guest host Lady

13 Oct

Prepared But Not Served – A Guest Blog by Jim Spellos »

There is growing attention being paid to food waste, which is wonderful.

12 Oct

Food Allergies and the ADA »

My good friend Dr. Tyra Hilliard, PhD, JD, CMP, is a meetings industry attorney, college professor, speaker and writer.

11 Oct

World Food Day – Take Action & End World Hunger »

World Food Day is this Sunday, October 16th and it’s not just about food. It’s also not just about recognizing that hunger exists. It’s about taking action against hunger.

11 Oct

Global Handwashing Day – It’s a Lifesaver »

This month is packed with food related hashtag days, recognition days, and awareness days. What month isn’t, right? But this month, in particular, has a few I want to recognize.

06 Oct

Curried Cauliflower Soup »

In honor of vegetarian awareness month, I asked my friend Chef Megan of Healthy Eating 101 to create some recipes that are free-of the top eight food allergens and are vegetarian.

04 Oct

Rosh Hashanah – A Food Primer – Shanah Tovah! »

Shanah Tovah, or A Good Year to you. This is the traditional greeting on Rosh Hashanah, which marks the Jewish New Year.

01 Oct

Today Marks the End of Food Waste Week – Efforts Continue! »

With Europe making leaps and bounds in the food waste policy conversation, it make it seem like America is being left in the dust.

29 Sep

Optimize the Iconic ‘Coffee Break’ for National Coffee Day »

As meeting and event professionals we are always trying to find fun and interesting ways to help attendees mingle, network, and connect.